Beauty MNL Haul | May 2017

Ever since i started working, i’ve been soooo addicted to buying make-up and looking for what works for me. So, i’ve always been searching online, in stores, in social medias, just everywhere I can find make-up. And, because of that, even the facebook or instagram Ads know that i’m obsessed. 

In one of the facebook Ads that showed up was Beauty MNL’s app and products. One of which was their promo with Maybelline and Listerine which caught my eye because they where selling it at a pretty cheap price. I decided to download their application, buy that promo and browse their shop. I then wanted to make a haul since i really enjoy watching these kinds of videos on youtube and since i’m really not yet used to hearing my voice on camera and seeing my awkward face on videos, i’ll just write about them. ✌🏼
When you first open their app, it sorta takes a little while for everything to load. But i guess, since we’re buying make-up, then it is worth the wait. 

It looks like that when you open the app.. okay, well, it actually loads pretty longer than a “little while”. So, maybe just leave your phone first for it to load. And the it opens up to this..

Wherein you still wait… but it’s cute that they added the “Beautiful things are worth the wait” which takes out your impatience because of the guilt brought by the short but nice life message 😂

Anyway, so i bought the items at the end of the month of may and to my surprise i recieved the items just a day after i purchased them. 😱 so, even though their Application worked pretty slow, they came back at me with how fast their shipping is. That’s just amazing. 💪🏼 so let’s jump right to what I bought!


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