Craving for some Sambokojin

January 7, 2017

It’s almost my birthday and I was craving for some Japanese buffet… I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my whole family but my dad won’t be around during my special day, so we went out together two days in advance. My palette, my taste buds, my everything was really craving for sushi and the cheesy tonkatsu at Sambokojin. Despite the long list of waiting families and groups to eat at Sambokojin, we still tried our luck.

Oh, the joy I had when our names were finally called. We went to our seat and I immediately went for the sushi bar. OH YES. The ones which really caught me head over heels were the sushi with the pink salt (?) at the top… *Correct me if i’m wrong* and the fish eggs laying on a bowl shaped cucumber. I liked how the pink thingy tasted combined with the sushi. And, those fish eggs tasted realllyy fine. It’s just the right amount of salty. It felt like they were exploding in my mouth.

After finishing up my sushi, I went around the place and see which of the food will catch my attention. Of course, I had to get the tempura, tonkatsu etc. Gosh, I ate so many food!! While I was walking around, my eyes got fixated on… cold soba!! I’ve never tried it so I had to eat them. There were choices of noodles, and of course I had to pick the Green Tea noodles because Green tea. The guy at Sambokojin assisted me because I didn’t what I was doing. He put ice on my bowl and mixed in a raw quail egg. How exciting! lol. I briskly walked to our table and the peripheral vision of seeing Ramen made me stop. So, I ordered one and they said that they will deliver it to our table. So, I finally get to my table, with no more other food distractions. I get my chopsticks. And, I dig in to that cold soba. I don’t if I’m just hungry but it seriously felt like heaven for me.

After an hour or so of that yummy savory buffet, I didn’t think I had enough room for dessert. So I only grabbed one or two just to clean my palette. I felt kind of bloated after eating lots of those fried food. It was still a nice experience though. And, I would definitely eat at Sambokojin again. Probably not yet sooner. I need to kind of burn all I ate.

Watch this..

xx, Bea



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