2017, the year I say goodbye to me being teen

Hey! It’s a little too late for a new year’s post but it’s been a while since I last posted here. A lot has been going on in my life since I last posted, so I got really busy. I was more active on my other social media accounts like my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. (IG and Snap me @beaapadilla)

Here’s what’s been up in my life. Long story short.. I stopped schooling for a while, I applied for a job, I have undergone training for about three months and just graduated from training on the 29th of December. I started working right after. I am now a flight attendant. Yay! I had my first flight to Sydney, Australia on New Year’s Eve. NYE in the skies. Still can’t believe it. I had my 20th birthday on January 9. I must say, 2017 might really be my year for #adulting. It’s still shocking but very exciting! I’ll get more into details about why I stopped schooling and all those stuff soon here on my blog, in case you were wondering why I did those.

For now, I just want to tell you how lately I’ve been obsessing with making my IG look really artsy fartsy. I’ve been doing these 1 minute videos that I’ve been posting in IG that captures the summary of what I did during the day. Although I’m not doing them everyday, because not all the time I have something I really wanna show to everyone. Most of the time I’m just watching youtube videos anyway. I decided to also post these videos here on my blog and on youtube, because I also want to be a successful vlogger on Youtube someday hopefully ❤

To start off this dream of mine, let me share to you my New years experience. Watch this..

I flew to Sydney, Australia on December 31, 2016. We flew at night so we celebrated NYE/ the salubong in the skies. Super cool. The weather in Sydney during this time was amazing. It’s Summer there but it was not too hot. Just the right temperature. We only stayed for less than a day so I spent it walking to Brighton Beach, eating with the crew at Nakkhon Thai, and grocery shopping for pasalubong at Coles. I really wanted to buy pasalubong/ gifts, just a few chocolates for my family since this was my first ever productive flight. Nakkhon Thai served really good Seafood fried rice. The seafood was so fresh and big. The whole serving was big, as well, so another FA shared the plate with me. We stayed a a nice hotel. I had a really amazing balcony with the view of the beach. It was just so peaceful and calming.


Hope you guys enjoyed the video and what I just shared. To more posts like this 🙂

xx, Bea



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