Chocolate Chip Cookies #1

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Pinch of Yum‘s blogger Lindsay has a recipe that really caught my eye because of the yummy photos on her blog post. I gave it a try and I just added my touch on the recipe.

[ ps. yes, I have a very sketchy handwriting. I find it cute with all the white spaces hihi reference: photo below ]





Butter: In Lindsay’s recipe, she specifically said to melt the butter but I didn’t because my butter was already super soft. I left it out the fridge for a pretty long while. Also, it’s been a long time since I last baked cookies so I forgot what happens if you melt the butter and if you don’t so I’m taking this chance to ex – pe – ri – ment.

Mixer vs. spatula: For this recipe, I only used a spatula because I am too lazy to clean the standing mixer’s equipment. Lol. Using the spatula works great, as well. It’s actually easier for me since I don’t have to clean much.

Egg: Over-mixing in the egg with the batter makes it stiffer, according to Lindsay, so I really tried to avoid doing so.

Refrigerator technique: I popped my rolled cookie doughs on the Refrigerator because it was too sticky and soft. In some videos I watched, they did this step so that it won’t flatten that much when it cooks in the oven. It also allows the cookies to bake at same time. Also, take note that the climate here, in the Philippines, has high humidity and temperatures which also affects the batter.

Another tip: If you want freshly baked cookies on a Sunday or any day, you can actually put these on the fridge to store them. Then when you want to bake them already, leave it out the fridge earlier for 20 mins then bake them according to the directions.

Baking time: It really depends on what the cookies look like. The cookies should look puffy, dry and just barely golden. Do not over bake them.

Cooling: leave them on the pan or on the cooling rack for about 30 minutes to cool.

Storing: In an airtight container


^ I used a spatula. Easy cleaning Haha


^ I actually used white chocolate chips and large milk chocolate chips because that was all we had. I forgot to take note that we were running out of chocolate when we went to the grocery. I was too lazy to go out again to buy some more. Lol


^ You might be wondering why I “rolled” them in a not so nice-looking way. Well, I just actually scooped them using two spoons because they were too sticky. I popped it in the fridge while looking like this. After an hour or so, I smoothed it out for it to shape like a ball.


End result: They were in good shape when I removed them from the oven. It didn’t flatten too much so I think the refrigerator technique worked. The taste was absolutely great but the cookies turned out softer than what I expected. If you like your cookies soft, go ahead and try this recipe. But, as for me, I have yet to discover my perfect cookie recipe.

If you’ve got questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll gladly answer them ❤




3 responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookies #1

  1. And it was just so coincidental that I’m dunking some chocolate chips in my cuppa coffee while I stumbled upon this. What you did here really looks no-frills nice. Well done!

    Is this really your handwriting? I also do graphology (handwriting analysis) aside from tarot reading and I must say that, with the way how you form your letters, you are, at a core, an independent person. You enjoy your own sense of freedom, and you are someone who learns things by doing (kinesthetic) rather than by listening. Of course, I may not be entirely pinpoint accurate but that’s what I noticed with your handwriting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah!! oooh i love cookies with coffee! Thank you Jakey! You’re too kind.

      Wow! I didn’t know that. That is so cool that you can sort of know the personality of a person through their handwriting. woah!! Btw, there’s truth to what you said. I do learn more from doing than listening. Also, currently I know there’s that independent girl inside me and I’m actually in the process of embracing her.

      You’re amazing at what you do! It’s so cool! Thank you btw for taking time to analyze my handwriting. I found this information really fun and nourishing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Whew, I feel relieved. I thought I got it all wrong or something. 😀 I wish I could offer you a tarot session. I’m already okay with your chocolate chip cookies, lol!

        Thanks too for the kind words. You are also amazing with the work and the passion you’ve shown through this blog. I respect the person who’s passionate at what he/she does. 🙂


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