Bae/ker in Pajamas

As the girl at the counter handed it to me, the warmth of the 5-inch circumference by half an inch thk goodness spread all over my body and right through my heart. I take a bite, and it just brought me to a good different kind of fulfilling and sensational feeling. The cookie just tasted so good. The chocolate chips melting in my mouth. I cherished every second I was with that delicacy. It was a cookie that I bought at a mini food store inside a huge grocery store in the US. If I remember it right, it cost me a dollar and 90 cents but it was all worth it. It was one of the moments I fell in love with food. I wanted to re-live that moment so I try and try to re-make that cookie that made my heart beat.

I fell in love with baking afterwards. I decided to make this segment in my blog so that I could share to you all my adventures with it. I’m your Bae next door, now also your Bae/ker in Pajamas. ❤ Stay tuned! 🙂


***featured background photo with cookies not mine


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